Month: Februar 2023

Trezor Takes Control: Faster Production, Enhanced Security for Crypto Wallets

• Trezor, a crypto hardware wallet manufacturer, has announced that it will produce its own silicon chips to enhance device security and reduce lead times for mass production. • The new “chip wrapper” is designed to give the company more design freedom in its future products and make the manufacturing process more agile. • Trezor […]

Edogawa Ward Uses Metaverse Tech to Solve ‚Hikikomori‘ Problem

• Edogawa Ward in Tokyo plans to use metaverse tech to help social recluses, also known as „hikikomori,“ begin to integrate with society again. • The ward will organize a series of hybrid (virtual and in-person) meetings this year with the objective of reuniting people with social reclusion problems and helping them in their reintegration […]

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