R$ 800 thousand disappear from Ceasa and company investigates if money was transformed in Bitcoin

The money disappeared from the Ceasa cashier at the end of 2019 and may have been used to buy cryptomycins.

Ceasa de Campinas – SP is investigating the sum of $ 800 thousand of the company’s cash. According to preliminary data about the case, the money could have been transformed in Bitcoin, still in November 2019.

With the sum of $ 800 thousand from the Ceasa cash register, an inquiry was established one year ago. However, the whereabouts of the money hasn’t been clarified yet, and the investigation about the disappearance runs in secrecy, according to Uol.

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Besides $ 800 thousand which supposedly were transformed in Bitcoin, Ceasa’s cashier suffered another defalcation, of $ 200 thousand. In this case, the money was used to pay attorney’s fees in advance.

Money to buy Bitcoin

The investigation about the sum of $ 800 thousand from the cash register of Ceasa de Campinas – SP points out that the money was taken from the company and later used to buy Bitcoin.

Although it is still in course, the investigation about the case hasn’t offered details about names of possible involved in the money that disappeared. According to the current president of Ceasa de Campinas – SP, Valter Greve, the disappearance of the money happened before its management at the head of the company.

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Known as a food supply center, Ceasa de Campinas – SP still investigates the payment of $ 200 thousand in attorney’s fees. The inquiry about the case reports that the payment, taken also from the Ceasa cash register, happened in an anticipated way.

$ 200 thousand in advance

Besides the money that was supposedly used to buy Bitcoin, the cashier at Ceasa de Campinas – SP suffered another embezzlement in 2019. The investigation suggests that R$ 200 thousand were paid in advance in fees to the lawyer Daniel Freire Santini.

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In fact, the value of $ 200 thousand corresponds to the value due by Ceasa to the lawyer, who represents the company in a judicial process. However, as the lawsuit related to the payment of the fees hasn’t been judged yet, this money still couldn’t be paid by the company.

In other words, the lawyer received $ 200 thousand in advance. Being that, in case of victory for Ceasa in the lawsuit, generally who pays the fees is the losing party in the lawsuit.

Right after the repercussion on the investigation of the case, the lawyer Daniel Freire Santini said that the money could be returned, „in case of failure reversion“. This way, in the total there is US$ 1 million missing from Ceasa’s cash register which believes that 80% of this value was used to buy Bitcoin.