Stop Dreaming and Start Doing: Unlock Your True Potential

• The article explains how the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a shift from traditional in-person college classes to remote learning.
• It covers the challenges that this shift poses, including difficulty engaging with virtual lecture formats, and lack of access to resources such as library materials and tutors.
• It suggests that universities should focus on providing support services for students and faculty to help them adjust to the new normal.

Shift To Remote Learning

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced universities around the world to move their instruction online, creating a massive shift away from traditional in-person college classes. This change brings its own set of challenges for both students and faculty alike.

Challenges Of Remote Learning

One of the main issues is difficulty engaging with virtual lecture formats, as many students are used to more interactive classroom environments. Additionally, some students may not have access to the same resources they would have had in person, such as library materials or individualized tutoring sessions.

Support Services

In order to address these issues, universities must focus on providing support services for both students and faculty members. This could include offering technical assistance for those who are less familiar with online tools like Zoom or Blackboard; providing additional guidance on how to best use these tools; or offering additional tutoring sessions outside of class time. Moreover, universities should consider investing in better technology infrastructure so that all students can access course content regardless of their location or internet connection speeds.

Adapting To Change

Finally, institutions need to recognize that this transition will take time and be prepared for potential bumps along the way as everyone gets used to this new normal. Faculty members will need more training on how best to teach remotely while also maintaining a high level of engagement with their students. Meanwhile, student support services should be available at all times so that learners can get help when they need it most.


Overall, although there are some unique challenges associated with transitioning from in-person classes to remote learning due to Covid-19, universities can minimize disruption by investing in appropriate support services and adapting quickly as needed

Stop Dreaming and Start Doing: Unlock Your True Potential
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