Trezor Takes Control: Faster Production, Enhanced Security for Crypto Wallets

• Trezor, a crypto hardware wallet manufacturer, has announced that it will produce its own silicon chips to enhance device security and reduce lead times for mass production.
• The new “chip wrapper” is designed to give the company more design freedom in its future products and make the manufacturing process more agile.
• Trezor is collaborating with Stmicroelectronics, a manufacturer of microcontrollers and semiconductor technologies, to develop its chips.

Trezor Takes Control of Chip Production

Trezor, the manufacturer of crypto hardware wallets, has announced that it will take control of its wallet chip production process by producing its own silicon chips. The company states that the newly designed „chip wrapper“ will enhance device security and considerably shorten lead times for mass production.

Enhanced Security & Faster Production Time

The new chip-making process enhances security significantly by eliminating third-party chipmakers and associated vulnerabilities. Trezor also noted that it will significantly reduce lead times by bypassing supply chain issues.

Collaboration with Stmicroelectronics

In a press release sent to News, CFO Štěpán Uherik further explained that the company is collaborating with Stmicroelectronics, a manufacturer of microcontrollers and semiconductor technologies in order to create their chips: „By unpacking the process, identifying areas where we could take control, and collaborating with our partner [Stmicroelectronics] in new ways,“ Uherik said in a statement,“we’ve managed to make the manufacturing as agile as it can be.“

Growing Demand for Crypto Wallets

Hardware wallets have experienced substantial demand since the collapse of FTX ,as crypto enthusiasts have transferred billions of dollars worth of crypto assets from centralized trading platforms. In addition, several companies have unveiled new hardware wallet models such as Ledger Stax developed by Tony Fadell (creator of iPod). Furthermore decentralized exchange aggregation service 1inch Network has launched a hardware wallet as well Coinkite introducing Coldcard Q1 product .

New Chips Utilized in Trezor Model T Hardware Wallet

The new chips developed by Trezor will be utilized in the Trezor Model T hardware wallet ensuring increased safety features for users.